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About US

CIFES Institute is a professional research, training and consultation institution which focus on the quality of product/service to satisfy the customers.

CIFES Institute is an institution under PT Servisindo Multi Bisnis which established by the communities who have experienced in training and obtained the trust from multinational companies (including energy and oil & gas companies), State Owned Company/Government Institutions and entrepreneurs from domestic and overseas.

We provide services for all aspects in the industries, i.e. Finance, Tax, Law, Accounting, Safety, Energy, Investment, Oil & Gas, Management, Technology and Telecommunication, etc.

CIFES Institute also provides training services conducted by the experienced experts and professionals for each industry, also supported by several Government Institutions and well-known Universities in Indonesia and overseas.

With high quality concept, professionally skilled & highly motivated developing team, we will continue to do our best to fulfil our commitment in research, training and consulting services.


Vision and Mission


To be a research, training and consulting institution with added-value to our clientele.


  • To increase and develop the quality of human resources
  • To provide excellent services to customers
  • To provide the updated, comprehensive and latest knowledge to clients supported by experts and professionals for each industry



Our Core Values



"Commitment to render high quality services as we realize that client satisfaction constitutes an integral part in our business. "



we decisive that integrity & ability from our team to embody our company high commitment to achieve optimal competitive advantage. 



our standard quality is based on primary client necessity and eagerness to achieve brand new idea supported with our ability to diffuse both matters to be a fantastic event.



Ability to compete in domestic, region and international to give optimal service, competitive value as well as render value added for client in implementation.


Customer Focus 

Orientewwnm Beorientasi pada kepentingan klien, dan berkomitmen untuk memberikan pelayanan terbaik kepada klien sehingga klien memiliki kesan dan pengalaman luar biasa setelah mengikuti training yang kami selenggarakan.



Dikelola oleh pemimpin dan pekerja yang profesional dan memiliki talenta dan penguasaan teknis tinggi, berkomitmen dalam membangun kemampuan riset dan pengembangan.



CIFES Institute


Cempaka Mas, Tower E1, 9th floor No.6

Jl. Letjen. Suprapto, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta 

T   : (+6221) 70749730                                                                


PT Servisindo Multi Bisnis 

Belleza Office Tower Lantai 7

Jl. Letjend Soepeno No. 34 Arteri Permata Hijau

Jakarta Selatan


Contact Us

CIFES Institute


Telp   : (+6221) 70749730    

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                        


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